Impact to Contact: The Shag Harbour Incident is the new book from Arcadia House Publishing by Maritime authors Chris Styles and Graham Simms detailing their investigation of the Shag Harbour and Shelburne UFO Incidents of October 1967. The Shag Harbour Incident was an international Cold-War event that has secured a place in Canadian history. This book represents the culmination of 20 years of comprehensive research into the case.

Although the Shag Harbour Incident is officially acknowledged as an unsolved UFO case there remain aspects of it, such as the Shelburne Story, that remain within the top secret military "Black Box".

Co-author Chris Styles was the first person to reinvestigate the Shag Harbour case and to access military documents confirming the reality of the UFO crash and subsequent search for the object. In his research he unearthed top secret RCMP UFO X-files in the archives of Saint Mary's University Jesuit astronomer Burke-Gaffney, who secretly investigated UFOs (including the Shag Harbour Incident) for the National Research Council and RCMP, information that first appeared in his best selling 2001 co-authored book, Dark Object.

Graham Simms has reviewed the Shag Harbour case in relation to other UFO cases from eastern Canada, the history of Canadian government, military and press involvement in the topic, the history of corporate and military development of UFO technology, and how aspects of the historical folklore of the south-shore of the province correlates to modern UFO experiences. In the book he explores the hypothesis that the Shag Harbour and Shelburne UFO incidents may be part of an ongoing UFO presence in the area.

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